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Rockland/Westchester, NY
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Tucek Roofing brings over 100 years of experience to the Tri-State area:

Frank J. Tucek & Sons, Inc. recently celebrated a milestone in business, from Manhattan’s brownstone cornices to the wood roof restoration of the Jacob Blauvelt House Museum for the Rockland Historical Society, the Tucek family has been servicing the tri-state’ area’s roofing needs for over 100 years.  Family owned and operated since 1914.  Owner Frank Tucek explains, “Because of our long history in the business, we specialize in slate, cedar shakes and custom copper work, an art that is fizzling out.”  Frank shares, that keeping up with the latest technology and advances is crucial: “In the past 20 years we have doubled the life expectancy of roofs.  The average homeowner’s roof will last 25 years with good maintenance.  We are now able to offer roofs that will last 50 years.”  Frank adds: “We offer a maintenance program and we clean your gutters twice a year.  While on the roof our mechanics scan the roof for defects, protrusions, check vent pipes and chimneys.  Sealants, caulking and flashing don’t last as long as shingles.  These things need checkups to make sure water doesn’t seep into the house.  A $100 prevention job could save you a thousand dollars in costly repairs.”

Over the years we have expanded and developed more options to our customers with specialties in Siding, Windows and Doors.  We can offer a complete exterior remodel job with high quality and durability.  The quality of workmanship has carried our name through four generations.  Our goal is to execute contracts in a timely, orderly and professional manor in accordance with the highest standards of workmanship and customer service resulting in roofs and relationships that endure through the years.

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